• OB@AOM OB Research Roundtables Forum

    This PDW is especially for members to feel “at home” in the Organizational Behavior (OB) Division by expanding their network of scholars interested in similar research areas. We designed the forum to provide members a platform to meet leading scholars in specific OB research topic areas, get to know other members of the Division, and discuss research ideas. The PDW will include three 25-minutes rounds of discussion that are moderated by accomplished scholars who serve as experts in a particular topic area of OB research.

    The research themes will span a wide range of OB topics, including: alternative work arrangements; contextual aspects of work (e.g., socialization, culture, & climate); creativity & innovation; dark side of OB; diversity; emotions, affect and attitudes; ethics, justice/fairness, and trust; identity & identification; leadership (tables for relational leadership, behavioral leadership, destructive leadership); motivation and engagement; personality and individual differences; power, politics, and social influence processes; stress and well-being; team composition and diversity; team processes and dynamics; time and temporal dynamics; social networks; voice and proactivity; and work-life interface. As in years past, we anticipate in-depth research discussions and the facilitation of many meaningful connections among the participants and members of the OB Division.

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