2020 Christopher Barnes

Christopher M. Barnes
Sponsored by an OB Division endowment in the name of Larry Cummings

OB Division Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award recognizes the significant scholarly achievement during the early- to mid-career stage with the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award.

The 2020 recipient of the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award is Christopher Barnes!

Chris is a Professor at the University of Washington.

Colleagues had this to say about Chris’s contributions:

“First and foremost, Chris has established a strong and unique identity at the intersection of management and sleep health. In this regard, he is not only shaping important conversations in the management field, but Chris really started this important conversation in the field of organizational behavior. Second, Chris has been exceptionally productive with 49 publications and over 4,000 Google Scholar citations. For anyone, this is an impressive career. For someone who graduated with his PhD in 2009, it is an extraordinary record. Equally important, given his work in progress, he shows no signs of slowing down. Importantly, much of this work and his most highly cited work can be attributed to him, which further strengthens his identity in the field. Third, Chris been able to publish and have an impact in both scholarly and practitioner domains within the management field. It is important for management scholars to connect their research to practice, and Chris has done this in very impactful ways. Even more impressive, in the view of the committee, has been Chris' ability to have his research also have impact in the medical and health domains. It is truly exceptional. Fourth, Chris has a remarkable record of service to the profession, including serving on numerous editorial boards and mentoring doctoral students.”

Congratulations, Chris! And thank you to the award committee: Scott DeRue (Chair), Jason Colquitt, Jim Detert, Aparna Joshi, Hui Liao & Mandy O'Neill.