Batia Wiesenfeld: Is More Fairness Always Preferred

Morela interviews Batia Wiesenfeld about her research on justice and the counterintuitive effects a person’s self-esteem may have of the perception of fairness. Batia proposes that managers should take a customized approach to dealing with fairness issues in the workplace based on their employees’ notion of self worth and their commitment to the organization.

Batia Wiesenfeld

Batia Wiesenfeld ( ) is an associate professor at New York University Stern School of Business. She teaches courses in managing organizational change and managing organizations. She has been with NYU Stern for more than 10 years. Her primary research areas include organizational change and adaptation, downsizing, merger integration, virtual organizations, and virtual work. Batia has been published in many journals including Journal of Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Organization Science and Psychological Bulletin. Before joining NYU Stern, she taught at Columbia University.

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Morela Hermandez

Morela Hernandez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Organization in the Foster Business School at the University of Washington. She can be reached at