Joel Brockner: Procedural Fairness, It’s a Good Deal

Mike interviews Joel Brockner about a 20+ year stream of research on procedural fairness. Joel summarizes numerous studies that showed how the fairness of an organization’s policies and procedures for making and communicating decisions is one of the most important factors in determining employee attitudes and behaviors.

Joel Brockner

Joel Brockner ( ) is the Phillip Hettleman Professor of Business and Chair of the Management Division in the Business School at Columbia University in New York. Within the broader field of organizational behavior, Joel is well known for his work in several areas, including the effects of organizational downsizing on the productivity and morale of the “survivors,” management of organizational change, self processes in organizations and managerial judgment and decision making.

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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is an Assistant Professor in Department of Management and Organization at the University of Washington. He can be reached via