Mentorship Award

This award recognizes a scholar who has excelled at mentoring others in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support. We define each of these criteria in more detail below:

  • Intellectual support: Helps the mentee develop ideas constructively (e.g., by brainstorming, offering a sounding board, suggesting a diverse perspective, providing written feedback) – investing one’s (scarce) intellectual capital in the service of mentees.
  • Social support: Helps the mentee develop a professional network that will allow him/her to be successful (e.g., introducing them to others, writing reference letters, suggesting them as co-authors/reviewers/editors) – investing one’s (scarce) social capital in the service of mentees.
  • Moral support: Genuinely cares about the well-being and development of the mentee (e.g., encouragement through difficult times, helps maintain self-efficacy, provides a perspective or specific career/work strategies) – investing one’s (scarce) mental energy in the service of mentees.

Any member of the OB Division is eligible for this award. This award is not meant to recognize research productivity, advocacy activities in the field, or personal longevity in the field but rather to recognize a scholar who has an impactful effect on other scholars through their outstanding mentorship. To be eligible, the person needs three mentees who are willing to write a letter of nomination on behalf of their mentor. Based on the letters or recommendations received, a young and upcoming artist, being mentored by a more senior artist,  will develop a personalized piece of art representing the award winner as a mentor. To nominate an individual for the 2021 Mentorship Award, a nomination packet must include:

  1. A letter of nomination that identifies the candidate, the individual(s) making the nomination, and a short motivation about why this person is being nominated (one page, single-spaced);
  2. As supporting evidence, we ask the nominators to each write a supporting letter (one page, single-spaced) about how this person has impacted their development, career, and lives. These letters will be used as input for the artist crafting the award. We need a minimum of three, and a maximum of 10, letters per person. Nominations are accepted by all OB Division members. 
  3. If you nominated a candidate in a prior year/years, you will need to resubmit the nomination materials this year. 

Please send nomination materials with the subject line, 2022 OB Mentoring Award to David Wagner ( by February 21, 2022.

Past award winners: