OB Listserv

The OB Listserv (also known as the Discussion List), is the main service for posting emails on issues of interest to members of the OB community. This service forwards emails posted to the ob@aomlists.aom.org address to all listserv subscribers.

The OB Listserv is moderated by the current Listserv Manager.

To subscribe to the OB Listserv, you can send a subscription email to listserv@aomlists.aom.org from the mailing address you wish to use. The body of the email message should contain only the following line:


The email should not contain any signature line and its Subject field should be blank. You will receive a confirmation email from the listserv; follow the instructions to verify the email address and sign-up for the list.

To post a message to the OB discussion list, send the email to: ob@aomlists.aom.org .

Some very useful features of this service:

Access archived emails

All OB discussion list emails posted are archived for retrieval. You can access them here. All postings related on the same discussion thread are grouped underneath the original posting.

Search for posted emails

The OB discussion list service provides full archive search capability, which is very useful for locating specific emails.

Receive a single aggregated email a day (i.e., a digest)

By default, the service forwards you new postings throughout the day as they are sent and approved. If you prefer to receive an aggregated email daily, you can change the subscription type as follows:

  • After login, you can go to the “Welcome to Subscriber’s Corner” page.
  • Select on the OB discussion list to take you to the “Join or Leave the OB list” page.
  • There you can select one of the “Digest” options of the “Subscription Type”.
  • Then select the “Update Options” button to commit the change.

Subscribe to the discussion list of other divisions

OB division is only one of many divisions of AOM that you can subscribe to. To subscribe to the mailing lists of other divisions:

  • Log in to the AOM mailing list website with your password.
  • Go to the “Welcome to Subscriber’s Corner” page.
  • Near the bottom of the navigation sidebar on the left of the page, select the “All Lists” of the “Show” option.
  • All division mailing lists are displayed. Select the divisions that you would like to subscribe to.
  • Select “Submit Changes” button to submit your request.

Please make sure to check out the AOM LISTSERV Rules and Etiquette page to become familiar with AOM’s general guideline for posting emails.

The home site for subscription to AOM’s division discussion listings is here.

If you have any questions about the OB Listserv, please contact the current Listserv Manager.

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