Making Connections Committee

Given the large size of the OB Division, the mission of the Making Connections Committee (MCC) is to help develop and nurture relationships among OB Division members. We seek to help OB Division members foster high-quality connections with respect to four distinct needs:

  • Relationships for new members: We help new OB Division members feel “at home” in our Division. We accomplish this goal in several different ways. For example, we have organized professional development workshops (PDWs; for the Academy of Management’s annual meetings) on topics that are likely to be of interest to new division members. We also host an annual research and networking forum where new OB members have an opportunity to discuss their research ideas and interests with senior scholars in the OB division.
  • Relationships related to research: We help OB Division members form relationships that will be useful for their research. For example, for the past few years we organized the “Help I’m Stuck” PDW primarily aimed at assisting doctoral students, junior faculty, and international students with working manuscripts. We also sponsored the “Productivity Process”—an innovative PDW aimed at providing publishing advice to doctoral students and junior faculty.
  • Relationships related to teaching: We help OB Division members connect to others doing innovative things in the classroom. For example, in the past we have sponsored PDWs dedicated to providing teaching tips that enable OB Division members who are passionate about teaching to spend time together.
  • Relationships related to career progression: We help OB Division members meet others who will help with career progression. For example, for the past several years, we have organized a session of Ph.D. students who are “Halfway There” to completing their degree. The PDW focuses on topics ranging from launching the dissertation process to the intricacies of the job market process. Another example is the PDW we have organized for Associate Professors called “Moving from Associate to Full…and Beyond” that focuses on transitioning to Full Professor. This PDW covers a range of topics related to successfully making this transition, as well as topics such as designing an impactful career. Another event we sponsor is the “Junior Faculty Dinner” which is an informal dinner at each AOM Meeting that allows junior scholars at a similar career stage to get to know one another better.

MCC Members

Name Affiliation E-mail
Mike Baer Arizona State University
Brooke Buckman Florida International University
Beth Campbell University of Minnesota
Eean Crawford University of Iowa
Bart de Jong VU University Amsterdam
Crystal Farh University of Washington
Travis Grosser University of Connecticut
Chad Hartnell Georgia State University
Jaron Harvey University of Wyoming
Michael Johnson University of Washington
Andrew Knight Washington University in St. Louis
Dejun (Tony) Kong University of Houston
Joel Koopman University of Cincinnati
Maribeth Kuenzi Southern Methodist University
Robert Litchfield Washington & Jefferson College
Margaret Luciano Arizona State University
Jenni Carson Marr Georgia Tech University
Samir Nurmohamed University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
Kristie Rogers University of Kansas
Adam Stoverink Northern Illinois University
John Sumanth Wake Forest University
Shannon Taylor University of Central Florida
Ned Wellman Arizona State University
Steve Whiting University of Central Florida steven.
Cindy Zapata Texas A&M University

2017 PDWs and Organizers

Note: Titles may be changed by organizers to better reflect PDW’s focus.

  • Halfway There: Mike, Maribeth, Steve
  • OB Research Incubator: Bart, Jaron, Tony
  • Research Networking Forum: Brooke, Emilija, Troy
  • Navigating OB: Jenni, John
  • Productivity Process: Beth, Adam, Shannon
  • Mentoring: Crystal, Samir, Diane
  • Networking Event: Joel, Chad, Fadel
  • Science-practice: Margaret, Brad, Kristie
  • OB Ambassadors: Travis, Adam, Hannes

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