OB Junior Faculty Workshop

August 10-11, 2018

The 2018 Organizational Behavior Junior Faculty Workshop will be held on August 10th (5:30pm – 8:30pm) and August 11th (8:00am – 11:30am) as part of the pre-conference program at the AOM meeting in Atlanta, GA. This workshop offers junior faculty participants the unique opportunity to get to know and receive personalized research feedback from more senior OB scholars (“Faculty Fellows”) in an intimate, collegial, cohort setting. Participants are expected to attend sessions on both days.

We are very pleased to have a group of Faculty Fellows who are not only prolific OB researchers, but also excellent faculty mentors and editors and/or editorial board members at leading OB journals. The 2018 Faculty Fellows are:

  • Sue Ashford – University of Michigan
  • Mark Bolino – University of Oklahoma
  • Stuart Bunderson – Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jennifer Chatman – University of California, Berkeley
  • Gilad Chen – University of Maryland
  • Jason Colquitt – University of Georgia
  • Amir Erez – University of Florida
  • Jack Goncalo – University of Illinois
  • David Mayer – University of Michigan
  • Nancy Rothbard – University of Pennsylvania
  • Ann Tenbrunsel – University of Notre Dame
  • Steffanie Wilk – Ohio State University


FRIDAY, 8/10, 5:30-8:30pm. The Friday portion of the workshop will consist of an off-site dinner and networking event. Participants will have an opportunity to get to know all of the Faculty Fellows and other junior faculty.

SATURDAY, 8/11, 8-11:30am. After a light continental breakfast, the Saturday portion of the program will be dedicated to working in small groups consisting of one Faculty Fellow and 3-4 workshop participants on participants’ research projects. Faculty Fellows and group participants will have read all group members’ 3-5 page paper/project descriptions in advance to allow for a rich, detailed discussion (see below for details). The format will be informal, collegial, and developmental. It will be aimed at helping participants further develop their research for publication in top academic journals, in addition to sharing the implicit “tricks of the trade”/ tacit knowledge acquired from Faculty Fellow’s experience publishing in the OB field. We will also have a faculty fellows panel on Saturday where participants can ask questions of the faculty fellows.


To keep the faculty-participant ratio to an optimal size and allow for sufficient time to receive detailed research feedback, this workshop is limited to 40 participants and is targeted at junior faculty and post-docs at research-focused institutions. Preference will be given to tenure-track junior faculty in the early stages of their careers and to post-docs who will be starting tenure-track faculty positions in 2019. Participants will be selected based on their research fit with the Faculty Fellows and other workshop participants, their research pipeline, and the strength of their project summary submission.

Eligibility criteria for this workshop are:

  • Be a member of the Organizational Behavior Division as of March 2018
  • Have completed a Ph.D. in the last six years (since 2012)
  • Registered for the AOM conference
  • Have not attended the Junior Faculty Workshop in the past


Prior to entering the AOM system to register for this workshop, please email the following information to Laura Little, lmlittle@uga.edu :

  • A current curriculum vitae, including complete contact information and
    information on working papers and works in progress
  • An 500 word or less abstract of an early-stage working paper or project
    in progress. Your submission should be an overview of your research
    paper/project, including the conceptual framework and research
  • Two OB topics/areas of interest. We will use these topic areas to match
    you with a Faculty Fellow. One of the topics should reflect your working
    paper or project in progress.

If selected, you will be asked to email a 3-5 page summary of your working paper to Rachel Burgess ( rachel.burgess@uga.edu ) to distribute to your assigned faculty fellow.


The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION is Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 11:59pm. Acceptance notices will be sent by Friday, June 1, 2018. If selected, you must register and send the 3-5 pages summary by Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

Once selected, you will receive a unique code to register for the workshop on the AOM website. A registration fee of $150 USD will be charged to partially defray costs (including dinner on Friday night and a light breakfast on Saturday), payable by debit or credit card to the Academy of Management.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact Laura Little – lmlittle@uga.edu.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

OB Division’s Annual Spotlight on Inequity Highlights Conference at UC Davis

At the 2017 annual meeting in Atlanta the OB Division launched a year-long focus on inequity. In the spirit of keeping our members informed about interesting research and events on this topic, we are happy to announce the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, in cooperation with the UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, is presenting a day-long summit on “Generating Pay Equity: Realizing the benefits of the California fair pay law”. The summit brings together top experts on the causes and consequences of pay inequity, business leaders on the vanguard of efforts to institute pay equity, and members of the Pay Equity Task Force of the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to facilitate employers’ efforts to equalize pay policies and practices. If you can, join the conversation on April 27, 2018 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Registration closes on April 17.

View the agenda and RSVP

Call for Student Representatives for OB Division

The Organizational Behavior (OB) Division is soliciting nominations for up to FOUR student representatives to begin a term in June, 2018. These are new positions this year that will be for a minimum of two years.

Student representatives are non-voting members of the OB Division Executive Committee (EC). The intent of having student representatives is to involve students in supporting OB Division activities and to represent student interests to the EC.

Specifically, the types of activities expected of the student representatives are as follows:

  1. Assist the PDW Chairperson with support of the PDW program both before and during the pre-program annual Academy meeting. Students will be helped financially to allow them to attend the meeting for the additional days.
    • Promote the OB Division during the PDW program.
    • Assist the PDW coordinators with all components of the PDW presentations. Two students must be available Friday and Saturday of the AOM Conference
  2. Assist with the OB Doctoral consortium and Junior Faculty Workshop as needed by the coordinators. 1 student must be available Friday and Saturday of the AOM conference.
  3. Attend the OB reception at AOM meeting as well as a meeting of student reps run by an EC member at the AOM meeting.
  4. Help Program Chair as needed (e.g., with check-in of papers and symposia).
  5. Seek input from OB student members and represent student interests to the OB EC.
    • Gather input from student members about issues of interest.
    • Create and manage outreach efforts to student members of the Academy.
    • Promote the OB Division to students to increase membership.
  6. Begin a new initiative to check OB information on Wikipedia for accuracy and completeness.

The selection guidelines for student representatives are as follows:

  1. The individual must have completed a minimum of 1 year of doctoral studies.
  2. The individual must NOT be graduating in the following year.
  3. The person serves a minimum of 2 years, and a maximum of 3 years.
  4. The OB Division has the desire to not have more than one student from a single university, and also to represent the broad interests of the division. We thus specifically seek students from a diversity of schools, from around the world.
  5. All students will report to a selected member of the Executive Committee for coordination of their activities and assignments.

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Nominations are welcome from any OB Division member, including student members.
  2. Self-nominations are acceptable.

Nominations need to include:

  1. A vita and one-page letter from the student outlining qualifications for and reason for interest in the position.
  2. Statement that student will be attending the AOM meeting in August 2018 and August 2019 and will be available to attend the pre-conference activities.
  3. Nomination should include or be accompanied by a recommendation from a faculty member describing the student’s qualification for the position.

Student representatives will be selected by the voting members of the OB Division executive committee and notified of their selection by June 1, 2018.

Because student representatives are expected to be available for the AOM conference, and particularly for the entire time of the PDW sessions, the position has a $650 stipend to assist with these expenses.

Please send nominations to Jennifer Nahrgang jennifer.nahrgang@asu.edu). Nominations and materials are due by April 30, 2018.

Thank you for your membership and support of the OB Division.


Jennifer D. Nahrgang
Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
W.P. Carey School of Business
Arizona State University
OB Executive Committee Member

OB Division’s Spotlight Topic for 2018: Ethics

The OB Division will continue the Spotlight, an initiative launched last year to focus attention on a topic that falls within the domain of OB and represents an important challenge to organizations. For 2018, our Spotlight is Ethics, which encompasses the meaning, determinants, and consequences of moral and ethical behavior in organizations. We encourage submissions that address ethics through various lenses, such as ethical decision-making, individual and organizational factors that influence ethical behavior, ethical leadership, cross-cultural differences in ethical judgment and behavior, and linkage between behavioral ethics and broader issues, such as corporate social responsibility. Our program will feature sessions and activities around this Spotlight. Stay tuned for more to come on this exciting new initiative!